One To One’s are designed to bring you the deepest experience and understanding of what it means to be true to your Self.  

There is an inner Light that holds the key to the mysteries of life. I discovered that this dormant flame, hidden so deeply within us, is just waiting to be ignited. It is the Source of everything - creativity, inspiration, love and compassion. When it bursts into life, our lives can NEVER be the same again. Gradually it burns through all our wrong understandings, addictions, aversions and attachments until everything we do becomes intuitively obvious. 


When the sages and saints of the great traditions tell us it is time to WAKE UP, this is the process they are referring to. Without waking up the Light, we can never really get to the root of what ails us.  

If you feel you would like to explore aspects of your life in complete confidentiality and safety, let’s have an initial chat to be clear about how best I may support your quest for deeper meaning. The inner journey is the ultimate adventure. If you are ready, I shall be delighted to be your guide. You could be amazed at what you discover.

Are you ready to SHINE?

Message me if you are.

ONE to ONE sessions with Julie are by telephone or SKYPE.  Prices start at £150 for two, one hour sessions, (minimum requirement) plus one follow up call or e-mail.  Additional sessions are £60 per hour.  

To book your ONE to ONE with Julie please click here

For in person consultations with Julie, please see her Retreats Page.  

It seems so strange to consider how much has changed in my life since that first visit.  Since that time I have felt my life is like a series of revelations. Your advice in person and on the telephone, your friendship, and especially your guidance in meditation has steered me through one of the most difficult times in my life."


Once love dawns in the heart anything is possible! Thank you seems so inadequate but it has to be said. With your guidance Julie, I have called my spirit back and I feel alive and more than a little bit excited!”  

Patrick M

Thank you for making me laugh again...I love you Julie Chimes"  

Jane W

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