You know how it is, you hear a name and you hear stories and you are intrigued with a note to Self that you have to meet this person one day. Sometimes it can take years for your paths to collide. The day I eventually met Nash, there was an explosion of creativity, friendship and laughter. Recognition. It was a force that changed our destinies and unleashed music and lyrics that we hope will instigate a few questions about your destiny! CLICK HERE for more.


A new Musical based on my experiences when I was Out of this World. Click here for more information and ways in which you can get involved.


My mother said I came into this world singing and I was fortunate enough to have been dragged up in the midst of some of the finest musicians of the time. My 'formal' training later in life as a soprano was conducted in the basement of a brothel, ducking the red wine and garlic infused breath of my booming bass baritone teacher and the eager clients of the above stairs establishment. I have had fabulous musical adventures throughout my life but never have I experienced anything like the pure joy of making music as part of The Nashram.

We perform cult classics with sizzling contemporary arrangements, along with showcasing our own original compositions. Click here to find out more about the gorgeous Nash, Tina and Sheila and where to hear us, what we are up to and how to book us. 

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