I am the daughter of famous parents; my mother was Miss Great Britain in the fifties and one of the most beautiful women in the world. My step father was the legendary British comedian and actor, Max Wall. I had a truly bohemian upbringing in the heart of London’s theatre land and on the beautiful island of Jersey in homes filled with colourful characters, music, laughter and my mother’s wonderful cooking.  This gave me a taste for cosmopolitan life and a love of finding mirth in the midst of madness.

The home also had a darker side, with frequent scenes of horrific domestic violence from my deeply troubled genius stepfather, and this, along with caring for and protecting my darling autistic brother Martin, taught me early lessons in patience, forgiveness and compassion.

I grew up vowing never to have anything to do with show business, instead becoming a successful businesswoman, racing cars and working in London as director of marketing for two innovative companies. However I found conventional goals seriously boring and although I had the accoutrements of a perfect life, I was questioning and challenging my purpose, often feeling empty and lonely, as if something vital was missing. In my early thirties, answers to my questions came in the most unexpected way. After a bizarre sequence of events a paranoid schizophrenic, off all controlling medication, ended up in my cottage home. She was on a secret mission to save the world. In keeping with my crazy upbringing, I was suddenly catapulted out of the ‘safe’ middle-England life I was living and found myself starring in a frenzied stabbing, that could have been directed by Hitchcock.

I thought in death I was going to be on trial for my unfulfilled little life. Believing I was heading to heaven or hell, I landed in some far of galaxy where part of me I existed beyond my battered body. Judgement day was a very different occasion from anything I had learnt. My first major discovery was that all I had been taught by the Catholic nuns and Church of England vicars of early childhood was NOT TRUE. From this place beyond physical form I encountered the most eccentric, wise-cracking guardian angel who gave me simultaneous teachings and guidance on the meaning of most things in the Universe, including how to get out of my house alive. I felt love, compassion and profound forgiveness towards my deranged and deluded attacker. In a blaze of light my beloved teacher, who I nicknamed Veritas, made me laugh even in the midst of my own murder. I adored him.

Lying in that Hampshire driveway and left for dead by the first on the scene, my subsequent survival from the multiple stab wounds was considered to be something of a miracle. So, I made a promise. I promised to devote my second chance at life to understanding more about everything Veritas revealed to me. The doorway between this world and the next remained open and my experiences and adventures in and beyond body continue to this day.

Ever since that fateful day, my quest has been to find teachings and individuals who could help me understand and utilise all I experienced. I have travelled to many countries, where I have lived and studied with saints, healers and mystics…having also met more than a few snake-oil charlatans along the way! I have written something of these adventures and my experiences of death in an autobiographical story, ‘A Stranger in Paradise’ (Bloomsbury, London) which I am happy to say has been published in several languages and has attracted much positive media attention around the world. I also wrote the script and co-directed a highly acclaimed BBC documentary about my near death experience…. not the happiest experience of my life but let’s say a steep learning curve on working with the establishment!

As a result of going public with the story, I have been able to share my understanding and perspectives on life, death and most things in between with audiences around the world. Having got over myself and my aversion to the spotlight, I now really enjoy speaking publically, and when invited, facilitating gatherings for those in search of deeper meaning. Having met what I call my Soul Tribe I am now working on some truly exciting projects, including a full musical version of the Revelations I received from Veritas whilst on the other side of the door marked death. I look forward to sharing news and updates about them with you on this website.

My life gets better as my understandings deepen and I have never been happier. I have come to realise there is nothing to judge, ever, the design is perfect and the reasons why it appears imperfect are available to everyone.  We are all on a mission, whether we know it or not and the goal is to find our own "Veritas" within our hearts.  I am so grateful for the second chance because I love life, I love this world and I love you.


Julie Chimes

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