If you had just landed on this planet and were lucky enough to be standing in front of a huge map of the country you were in, what use would the map be if there was no arrow indicating ‘You are here’?

It is said that no soul arrives in this world without a blueprint of their journey, however in the modern world many of us have lost our way. Caught up in the frenetic pace, rampant consumerism and ever changing technology, we sometimes feel we have lost our own rhythm, becoming side-tracked by the minutiae of everyday living. 

These are the times when we really need to call our ‘Spirit’ back, to find out where we are on our personal map. It can helpful to walk with a Guide who knows the path and has an overview of the many healing ways that can help us realign ourselves to get back 'on course', whether to heal, to discover our true purpose, passions and perhaps also to know the pitfalls that always seem to ensnare us and how to overcome them.

It is my intention to find the best ways to empower you so that you can learn to trust and honour your own innate wisdom. Recognising that Inner Light, which will guide you towards achieving your greatest potential. There are no mistakes on our journey, but sometimes there are shorter more comfortable ways to travel! Ultimately we all have to discover that we are Born to Shine, so why wait?

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