One morning, a young woman lay dying of multiple stab wounds on her own driveway. She came through the nightmare and its aftermath, laughing. Julie Chimes was questioning the meaning and purpose of her seemingly ‘perfect’ middle class British life. She received answers during a shocking ‘wake-up’ call in her rural cottage home, when she became the target of a sick woman, a paranoid schizophrenic, off all medication and on a mission to save the world. Finding herself on the receiving end of a stabbing frenzy, Julie was fast tracked through the door marked ‘Death’ and into realms far beyond her physical body. The story is told with clarity, honesty and humour, from the perspective of the one who was supposed to be dead. Julie tells of her out-of-body experiences during the attempted murder as well as dreams and premonitions leading up to it. She describes what it feels like to die and then miraculously, to live to tell the tale. Commanded to return to her punctured and exsanguinated body, life as she knew it was irrevocably changed. In her quest to regain health, wealth and justice whilst applying the principles of her newly discovered perspectives, Julie was pitted against an army of modern day legal, religious and medical ‘demons’ - perhaps none more harmful than her own step-father. This is a breathtaking real-life drama; a story of crime due to mental illness; a story about survival; the battle to regain physical and mental well-being; a woman's quest for truth; and an account of false accusation and injustice. It is ultimately the story of an ongoing spiritual awakening and a profound discourse with a wise, witty, rapping, foot tapping Guardian Angel, Veritas, who guided Julie through the entire experience and remained with her in subsequent years.

A Stranger in Paradise is an electrifying true story…..

“Fasten up your safely belts and hold on tight

You’re going on a Cosmic Ride

Open up your hearts and your minds real wide

Nothing EVER happens by chance.......

Welcome to the Universal Dance!”


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