Narrated by Julie Chimes, including the dialogues with the wise and witty guardian angel, Veritas - Narrated by Russell Nash


This is a real account of both events that led up to a murder and the aftermath.It is a somewhat unusual tale as it is written and narrated by me, the one whowas declared dead. Those around the world who have read the book profess to have been shocked,outraged, uplifted, challenged, surprised, comforted and often amused. Although, I imagine no one was as shocked as I was to be on the receiving end of a 14 inch carving knife plunged into my chest and 31 other places.

Anyway, far more curious than a schizophrenic’s paranoid take on why the world would be a better place without me, were the experiences I had on the other side of the door marked ‘Death’. I can assure you I too was pretty outraged, having tasted the nectar of paradise, to be commanded to return to one very battered body.I decided to share my adventures both in and out of body because I wanted to bring comfort to myloved ones and to those who have lost their loved ones. I also wanted to shake up all of that rigid,religious dogma we have had inflicted upon us about life, death and human purpose. I wanted to share something of the wisdom, wit and profound love I received from the most beautiful being I encountered on the other side of that door, a being who broke every concept I had about the remit of a Guardian Angel.Most of all, having been raised by one of the world’s most iconic comedians I wanted to take away all that pain so that we all might laugh again.

A Stranger in Paradise is an electrifying true story…..

“Fasten up your safely belts and hold on tight

You’re going on a Cosmic Ride

Open up your hearts and your minds real wide

Nothing EVER happens by chance.......

Welcome to the Universal Dance!”


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Here's what people are saying about A Stranger In Paradise.....

"I loved this book so much I had to read it twice. ‘A Stranger in Paradise’ is a magnificent story of triumph over adversary and from the first few lines you will know you’re in the presence of an extraordinary woman."

"This is a page turner! Absolutely loved it."

"This book is an incredible story - not just because of the horrific attack and subsequent events - that kind of leaves you with a "what on earth...?!" feeling - it is one of those real life stories that you simply could not make up."

"Read this book it will change you're life !!!  Amazing.......!!!!"

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