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Welcome and thank you
for taking the time to find me!

Over the years I have been known as many things. As the daughter of a somewhat infamous beauty, Jennifer Chimes, voted in the 1950’s Miss Great Britain, I grew up mostly referred to as ‘Jennifer’s Daughter’. When she married the legendary comedian Max Wall, I was also called ‘Maxie’s Little Doll’, his nickname for me, or ‘Max’s Cuckoo’ by the harsher critics of their Bohemian relationship. Then, having a brother with profound autism, his carers and friends knew me only as ‘Martin’s sister’, whilst a zest for consuming large quantities of my Nan’s comfort cooking, earned me the title of ‘Rice Pud’ and ‘Chubby Chops’ from my three beloved uncles. During the long, frequently miserable days of my attempted education, I was often introduced as, ‘Little Miss Trouble’ and in my first career I was only ever known by the initials JC, and the politically incorrect ’Sexpot’ or ‘Y Front Stretcher’. However it was not until my early thirties that I got a name that stuck, when I picked up the unexpected and rather shocking moniker of ‘The Lady Who Was Stabbed’. I guess the prize for surviving attempted murder and mayhem is that I have discovered that the truth of who I am has nothing whatsoever to do with any of these labels!